Who We are

Westcountry Falconry is a team - David Buncle and his wife Michelle, together with their beautiful Birds of Prey.

David and Michelle Buncle are able to call upon an extremely wide range of experience when it comes to providing customers with a top quality service.

David provided bird control services on USAF bases in the 1980s, expanding to urban and commercial sites of all types and then developing skills in public presentations in wildlife parks and falconry centres. Michelle followed her father (‘Tucker the Clown’) into the Circus - working with horses and learning trapeze, before moving on to present the sea lion show at Colchester Zoo, and developing a love for birds of prey.

Together, they offer everything you may need in expertise and professionalism.

The birds of prey team members change over time but, as always, the birds never fail to delight, inspire and work hard. A new member is Khulan the eagle (shown in the photo with David) who is still in training.

David Buncle Falconer

David Buncle

David has been a falconer for more than 30 years and is highly regarded in his profession. He has given flying displays at countless shows and events and has introduced hundreds of people to the thrilling experience of seeing and handling birds of prey.

Eagle owl in falconry experience


Beau is a veteran European Eagle Owl. He is typical of large owls in that he like his food handy. He likes to do things his way.

Lanner Falcon in falconry display


Ranulph is a Lanner Falcon and is like quicksilver in the air, typical of bird-catching falcons. He can go from the gauntlet to a speck in the sky in seconds.

Harris Hawk used for hawk walks


Hoodoo is a Harris Hawk. He's a great all-rounder who is very amenable to training. He enjoys all his work with the public and in pest bird control.

Kestrel bird of prey experience


Cassandra the Kestrel is the Team's newest member. She's young and still learning the ropes and will soon master the famous Kestrel hover.

Barn owl display


Hark the Barn Owl is a young adult and like all barn owls can be trickier to train. He has a habit of flying into the trees for a quick nap in the daytime.

yellow billed kite flying display


Barry is a magnificent Yellow Billed Kite. He is the most aerodynamic of all the birds, and gives a stunning flying display. His close flying techniques are a visual textbook in expert flight.